How to pay

Ways of payment:

Pay through your Internet bank quickly and conveniently!

Order of settlements:

1 Select the products in the online store and place in the basket using the “Trash” button;

2. When all the products you want to buy are placed in the basket – go to the “Cart” department and confirm the purchase using the “Order” button;

3. Enter the information you need as accurately as possible. When you are finished using the “Continue” button, you are one step away from confirming the order;

4. All information of your order is available in the confirmation of your order. Specify the method and place of delivery. Check this information, if necessary, with the “Back” button, you still have the opportunity to correct the information;

5. Choose the payment order;

6: If payment is successful, you will receive an order confirmation and delivery code to your email;

7 together with the delivered goods, you will receive the original invoice.

Our requisites:

SIA “Almon BSC”

Reģ. Nr. LV40103904102
Juridiskā adrese: Ezermalas iela 14, Piņķi, Babites nov., LV-2107

Noreķiņu rekvizīti: SWEDBANK AS

Konts :: LV22HABA0551040150540

Purpose of payment: order number.