Purchase terms

In order to avoid any misunderstandings during the purchase process, please read and confirm the following rules for the purchase of goods on the website “almonbsc” (SIA “Almon BSC”, vienotais reģ.Nr.40103904102). Further – Almon BSC.

1. Since the offer to purchase the goods offered by Almon BSC comes through the Internet, in view of Article 10. of the Law of the Republic of Latvia “On Protection of Consumer Rights” (Law of the OZPP), the contract between us is regarded as a Distance Agreement.

2. You can order the order on the Internet at, using mobile application, or by phone +371 28498888.

3. All prices for goods on the Almon BSC website are indicated including VAT 21%. The indicated price does not include the cost of the delivery service.

4.For the selected goods and delivery, you can pay by bank transfer or by payment card (Online). Payment is possible with any type of payment card (VISA, MasterCard). Internet payment by payment card is carried out by entering the card details. After the bank confirms the payment, the amount is reserved on the card and the order is automatically executed.

5. When ordering, customers need to specify their e-mail address in order for the customer to receive a bill of lading and other documentation in his post. We will only use your personal data for the technical needs of the site administration to provide you with access to specific information or to contact you. Employees of AlmonBSC will never transfer your personal data to third parties and undertake to abide by confidentiality agreement.

6. When ordering the goods, we suggest choosing one of two ways of obtaining the goods: to receive the goods in one of the Omniva or PastaStacija ATMs.

7. The ordered goods must be picked up within 3 working days after information was received from Almon BSC that the order was prepared.

8. Before starting to use the purchased product, we strongly ask you to carefully read the instructions for use and use the goods for their intended use, according to the characteristics of the product and the manufacturer’s recommendations.

9.If they change their mind and decide to refuse the ordered goods, the Law of the Republic of Latvia “On Protection of Consumer Rights” (Law of the OZPP) and regulating the Rules of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Latvia No. 255 “On Remote Contract” (CM Regulation No. 255) provide that the buyer has The right to terminate the contract within 14 calendar days and return the goods purchased in the Internet store back to the seller. Also, the Law of the OZPP in Article 12, Part 6 specifies that the consumer is responsible for the safety and quality of the goods during the validity period of the right to return the goods under the terms of the Remote Contract. You can refuse the goods only in case. If the goods are not used or spoiled. In order to negotiate the return of goods, please contact us by e-mail: or by phone: +371 28498888, specifying the number and date of the order.

10. In the event of a refusal to purchase, Almon BSC returns money to the customers for the goods paid by Almon BSC money, if any.

11. You will have to pay direct costs associated with the return of goods.