BURTI WOLLE & SEIDE Liquid detergent for washing wool and silk products 1.45 l


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Liquid detergent for washing wool and silk products WOLLE & SEIDE delicately cares for high-quality fabrics from all types of wool. The composition includes natural silk proteins and keratin, which carefully take care of products made of wool, down, silk. Proteins of silk retain the natural elasticity of wool fibers, and keratin penetrates into their structure and restores from the inside. Does not contain bleach. A universal detergent for washing, can be used for hand washing and when washing in an automatic washing machine. The product is certified. Dermatologically tested for compatibility with the skin. Washing temperature: 20 ° C, 40 ° C, 60 ° C. It is designed for 17 + 2 washings.

Manufacturer; Burnus GmbH, Germany.


The company Burnus GmbH (Germany) has been producing biological detergents since 1914. For many years now, Burnusproducts are the leader in the European market of cleaning products. Burnus is the main supplier of Burti trade mark washing products to professional laundries and dry cleaners in Germany. These detergents are hypoallergenic, have successfully undergone dermatological tests and perfectly disinfect their underwear. It is important to note that the funds are as safe as possible for the fibers of the fabric, do not destroy or weaken the structure of the filament, prolong the life of the laundry.

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