Glysomed 250 ml Hand Cream, tube


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Hand Cream fragrance free contains the unique blend of Glycerine-Silicone and Camomile which provides the indispensable care for rough and dry hands. Use daily on your hands, elbows, knees and feet wherever your skin needs extra care.

Manufacturer: Dreiturm Gmbh, Vācija.


Glysomed is a skin care product combining science and high quality ingredients that will help make your skin look and feel better. Dermatologically tested.

Glysomed skin care products are suitable for the whole family, including children. It is recommended for patients with diabetes mellitus.

The non-irritating formula easily and deeply penetrates to provide long-lasting moisturizing and protection, helps restore moisture barrier of the skin and soften even the driest skin. Nr.1 in the Canadians – proven in extreme weather conditions.

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