PUREDERM Firming Lift Coenzyme Q-10 Mask


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Sheet type essence mask contains Coenzyme Q-10, Vitamin E and Green Tea Extract that helps to restore skin elasticity and vitality. This fast working advanced formula visibly lifts and firms to bring your skin back into youth.

Manufacturer: Adwin Korea Corp., South Korea.


PUREDERM – cosmetics made on the basis of natural components. Designed for active women who value their time highly and recognize only good quality combined with a good price.

PUREDERM cosmetics provide an equivalent effect, skin care, visits to SPA procedures at home.

PUREDERM offers a multi-level program that includes all stages of facial skin care.

How to Use

  1. Throughly cleanse and dry your face.
  2. Take out and unfold the mask and apply it on your face.
  3. Wear the mask for 15-20 minutes and peel off slowly from the edges.


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