PUREDERM Gold Energy Hydrogel Eye Patch


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Gold Energy Hydrogel Eye Patch

Purederm Gold Energy Hydrogel Eye Patch containing sticky essence tightly adheres even to the curved skin and intensively treats the eye zone with a consistant moisturizing effect.
Ingredients such as Gold which helps keep skin purified and Lemongrass Extract which is full of nutrients protect skin from becoming rough because of the enviroment, and make skin glow.

Manufacturer: Adwin Korea Corp., South Korea.


PUREDERM – cosmetics made on the basis of natural components. Designed for active women who value their time highly and recognize only good quality combined with a good price.

PUREDERM cosmetics provide an equivalent effect, skin care, visits to SPA procedures at home.

PUREDERM offers a multi-level program that includes all stages of facial skin care.

How to Use
1. Thoroughly cleanse and dry face.
2. Open jar and take patches out of the jar by using enclosed spatula.
3. Apply the patches onto the face and smooth out any air bubbles with fingers.
4. Wear the patches for 20~40 minutes and peel off slowly from the edges. Gently massage remaining essence into the skin.

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